Promotion of “The Silver Teacup.”


From December 26 to 30, you may obtain “The Silver Teacup: Tales of Cadiz,” the Kindle edition of, for free.  The book is selling well, particularly in England and Spain. I hope that you take advantage of this offer. You will enjoy terrific short stories that have to do with the history and daily life of Cadiz, Spain. Cadiz is the oldest city in the western hemisphere, older than Rome, and was the second most important metropolis in the Roman Empire. Do you know that General Meade, the hero of Gettysburg was born in Cadiz? His father moved to this town from Philadelphia and the family lived there for almost two decades.  George Gordon Meade was the last sibling born in Cadiz.  Do you know that Plato wrote that Atlantis, the lost continent, was in front of  Cadiz?  There are so many nice stories. You should read, “The Old Man and the Dog,” an amazing tale based on a true story of a dog whose loyalty exceeded the boundaries of our imagination. The cruelty of the Spanish Civil War and the Inquisition rages before the readers’ eyes. This freebie will only last five days.