Everybody Was Drunk/ Ernest Hemingway

  Everybody was drunk. The whole battery was drunk going along the road in the dark. We were going to the Champagne. The lieutenant kept riding his horse out into the fields and saying to him, “I’m drunk, I tell you, mon vieux. Oh, I am so soused.” We went along the road all night […]

"Afterlife Tracks: Glimpses of the Occult" Kindle Version, $4.99

“Afterlife Tracks: Glimpses of the Occult” Kindle Version, $4.99

The Kindle Version of “The Afterlife Tracks: Glimpses of the Occult” has been published.  You can purchase it on Amazon,  http://www.amazon.com/Afterlife-Tracks-Glimpses-Louis-Villalba/dp/1514611503 for $4.99. Description: While in a deep coma, Connie Calderone met Jessica LaCoppola—the late daughter of her best friend—during a near-death experience.  In the course of their conversation, Jessica said she was getting everything ready to […]